Want More Books! (Or how a die-hard “real book” reader survives in a digital world)

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This post is about e-readers and e-books. As I kick and scream about them. But first I have to get something off my chest.

Confession: I am a book hoarder collector.

Wait, this is a book blog. Not much of a confession, is it? But really. Despite the fact that I have limited space (obviously need MORE bookshelves), due to an impending cross-globe move next spring – which means that I should reeeeeeally be culling my print books – I find it nearly impossible to resist beautiful, shiny new tomes. I actually did really well, I made it SIX months without buying any new books. I think I mentioned that already, recently. I just really feel it’s worth saying again. SIX MONTHS.


My Nook. Complete with cover I made myself. *proud* Even if it is getting rather worn out by now.

The solution is obvious. I’ve tried to get more comfortable with my e-reader of choice, which happens to be a rather ancient Nook Simple Touch. It feels the most like an actual book, to me. I will be devastated when it decides to give up the ghost. But. I absolutely HATE reading on a screen. The e-ink screen on the Nook is okay but still irritates me. I’m pretty sure that when I am 90 and the entire world has forgotten what a real book in hand feels like, I will be clutching my ancient, falling-apart books to my chest and squinting while I sit in my rocking chair.

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Ok, I’m done ranting about how much I dislike e-readers now. For all that, they certainly do allow you to carry an entire library with you for a teensy tiny fraction of the weight. Something that consistently bothers me though, is that a digital copy of the book I want may cost almost as much as the paperback version! Given my already grudging use of e-books…I am usually not desperate enough to pay full price unless I can actually hold the book in my hands. So, I’ve become fairly good at scoping at steals on ebooks – all perfectly legal! I still PAY for the books, just at much reduced cost. Now, if I’m dying – absolutely DYING to read a new release…well. Usually I’m just SOL and have to buy it full price. But if I can wait a little while, more often than not I can find it on a deal at one of the below links. This week so far I’ve managed to grab these (all $1.99 except for An Ember from the Ashes, which was $2.99). Pictures are GoodReads links.

Book Bub – the most prolific site I’ve found. Extremely customizable, you can select your favorite genres, authors, how often you want an e-mail, and what platform or device you use (so if something is only on sale for Kindle and you have a Nook, you won’t be angry-faced). I get a daily email with links to free and cheap e-books. “Cheap” is usually $0.99 or $1.99. Now, there are a lot of never-heard-of books in these e-mails…but I scan through and find my “aha!” books a couple of times a week.

B&N Deal of the Day – obviously, just for Nook users. This one is pretty hit and miss, I only get one occasionally from here, but a couple have been newer titles that randomly went up cheap and I snapped them up SO fast.

Kindle Daily Deal – same, ahem, deal. Except for Kindle. I don’t subscribe to this, for obvious reasons, but I assume it would be about the same.

Shelf Awareness – this one only occasionally has deals, but it has lots of giveaways and has brought my attention to several titles I’ve subsequently become very excited about. 😀

Book Riot – Click the “book deals” option. Daily e-mail, ALWAYS a steal. Plus BookRiot writes and links some of the best bookish and writerly stuff out there. I love BookRiot. 😀

Early Bird Books – I only recently found this one. They have had some of the best books though! However, unlike a lot of the BookBub deals, which are often good for a week or more, these are over FAST. I’ve been disappointed a couple of times because I didn’t get to them within the seemingly standard 24 hour sale. Boo.

GoodReads Daily Deals – I feel like I must be the last GoodReads user in the world to find out about this. But it’s SO COOL…you get deals based on your To-Read shelf. *ALL the heart-eyes* I’ve started opening the e-mail with squinty eyes, afraid it will be yet another one I have to buy!

Because, um, e-books TOTALLY DO NOT COUNT with regards to the book buying ban. NEVER. Ahem. Anyway, I hope maybe some of you found some new places to find deals for your e-reader of choice! Even if you’re like me and will not, EVER, go gently into that good night. Nope.

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