Something Else Sunday #16 – Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Posted November 27, 2016 by Lizzy in Cats, Life, Pets / 5 Comments

Getting an early start on Christmas presents…with Tristan’s help. I can’t wait for my husband to open these…especially that giant one there. Hehehehe.

I think I might, possibly, be climbing out of the mire of depression that has kept me down for the last several months. Since about…February. I’m still a little afraid that it might be too early to know for sure…but I’m starting to be interested in life again. Anyway. I missed last week’s Sunday post, but here we are this week. Next week I think I will try to write more in depth about what’s been going on, but for now…

I was sick for Thanksgiving, so we…went to McDonald’s. Totally lame, but I felt like complete shit. So. 😛 I’m feeling mostly better though, so this weekend we started decorating for Christmas! Its one of my favorite times of year and I love decorating. Also I think I either have or have ordered all but one of my husband’s Christmas gifts. This is the first year since we’ve been together that we’ve really even DONE gifts…I’m really grateful we can do it, because I don’t think we’ll be in a position to spend extra money next year. I’ve had so much fun picking out stuff and wrapping it! 😀 Hehehehehe.

Tristan being SUCH a good kitty…while plotting destruction, no doubt. 😉

Then, I finally finished this ornament…I did the actual stitching something like 2 years ago but never finished it into an ornament until today. I’d *like* to finish another before Christmas this year, but who am I kidding…I probably won’t be motivated enough. 😛 This is the “Hot Cocoa” ornament pattern from Little House Needleworks.


And here is our completed tree, complete with city lights in the background. Haha!


I’m hoping to get back into more reviews this week. I only have…5 – yes, count ’em, FIVE – books started, in an effort to restart my bookworm. I’m not even posting a projected list right now, because…yeah. Not there yet. But I’ve found a new meme that I’m really excited about, and that post will be going up soon.


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