Top Ten Tuesday #7: Best Non-Book Holiday Gifts for Readers

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Even though I’m late (again), I couldn’t resist this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the lovely The Broke and the Bookish as usual! I’m going with my top 5 NON-BOOK gifts for readers. Why not books? Because I’m sure every reader out there has handed their family or significant other a list of books, or an Amazon wishlist, or hell, even has a standing list at their local bookstore. That part is easy. Books are almost always welcome. Unless you’re some relatives-that-shall-not-be-named of mine, that use the holidays + my love of books combination to shove off their religious crap on me…but I digress. Everyone who loves a bibliophile knows to get books. This list is for all those other things that make a bookworm’s life so much more fun!

  • Bookshelves! Every bibliophile I know is constantly running out of space. Handmade would be amazing, but store-bought is also appreciated. Just to jumpstart your creativity though, here is an amazing compilation of DIY bookshelf plans. My lovely husband has promised to make me matching bookshelves when we move back to the States, by the way. *all the heart-eyes*
  • A reading lamp. Know your reader – do they read on the couch or at a desk? In bed? I have yet to own a reading lamp but I covet them…especially the Tiffany ones. I’m also almost as attached to my chair as Sheldon to his spot, so I would loooooove to have a lamp all my own.
  • An e-reader cover. Chances are your reader already has their device of choice (but if not, RUN, don’t walk, to Amazon or B&N to get them one), so I’m suggesting a special cover. I love finding different, unusual covers so that I don’t have to use the widely mass-produced one from the big box stores, and I am IN LOVE with Oberon’s covers (ok, pretty much everything they make, but especially the e-reader covers). They make covers for just about every device out there, even my ancient Nook Simple.

    This is their
    This is their “Camelot” cover.
  • Literary art – you do know their favorite books, right? Society6, Redbubble, and Etsy all have some amazing artists who create bookish art. Definitely worth checking out. One of my favorites is Charlie Bowater with her portrayals of my loves of the Night Court (aka, Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses series), but the possibilities are endless.

    Another favorite based on subject matter alone – Eowyn from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of my top 3 favorite female literary characters. I love her so much, I feel like she has to be my sister from another mother. This lovely print is from Heather Spriggs on Society6.
  • Bookish stuff. Now I know that sounds horribly, horribly vague. BUT. There’s so much fun, pretty, quirky, useful bookish merch on the market right now, and it all makes for perfect gifts!  Totes, pouches, phone covers, mugs, candles. I love it all and chances are your bookworm will too. 😉 Like this awesome – and useful for EVERYTHING – set of pouches from Evie Seo’s store on Society6. I love pretty much all of Evie’s designs. She is AMAZING on so many levels.

    There’s also all kinds of book-themed jewelry. I might – cough – happen to know that this particular set of Outlander-inspired earrings is under the tree for me and I am DYING to wear them. Made by the lovely KLF Studio on Etsy.

So if you’re a bookworm, be sure the pass along a few of these gift ideas to your loved ones besides books…and if you’re a non-bookish person that loves a bibliophile, try one of these (or three). They’re sure to be a hit!

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