Something Else Sunday #17

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Here it is Sunday again! I don’t quite understand the time warp I’m in…days seem to drag a lot of the time, but the weeks just fly by.

In bookish news – I posted my 100th review on GoodReads!! I am SUPER excited about that. Even if some of those reviews are only a paragraph long, that’s 100 reviews, people. Which means I’ve actually stuck with it for a decent amount of time. So cheers to me! And go friend me here on GoodReads – I love finding more bookworms! More bookworms = more books to drool over and add to my already massive TBR list. Haha.

I managed to get ALL my Christmas cards written, addressed, and sealed! Have to take them to the post office for stamps, but they are DONE! Considering how I felt on Thanksgiving…I’m very proud of myself. I almost didn’t write a letter or send cards this year, but I decided working on them might help improve my mood. And it did. Yay!

I also started on the actual WRITING of my novel. *gasp* I think I have a feasible plan, and I’m having so much fun with it for now. Fingers crossed I can actually keep up with it. I’m hoping to write a post about all that soon, too. But writing about writing isn’t actual writing, any more than reading about reading is reading! Yes, that’s a knock on my constant browsing of GoodReads and other bookish blogs. Hehe.

There were many pound cakes this weekend. Everyone seems most appreciative. 😉 I love baking goodies and giving them out…people always act like I’ve handed them a million dollars, haha!

That’s all for now – I’m hoping to have a couple reviews up this week, but given the state of things I’m not projecting or promising. Hope you all had a great first week of December and are looking forward to the holidays with much love and light!

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