Riddle’s Tea Shoppe Review and Giveaway!

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Today I’m so excited to be giving you this Riddle’s Tea Shoppe Review – and, thanks to the very generous Aun-Juli Riddle, also bringing you a tea giveaway (at the bottom of this post). You might have seen the lovely little box of Riddle’s tea that was in my November OwlCrate review. I was so taken with both the adorable tin and the tea, that I poked around online and found both her Etsy shop (which has lots of other cool stuff as well as tea), and her Adagio Teas page, which has TONS of different tea blends. I immediately ordered 3 of the sampler tins…I couldn’t resist the artwork AND the fact that she had teas inspired by some of my all time favorite books – the Lord of the Rings!

Disclaimer: These were not supplied by Riddle’s, I bought them myself and just had to share! Also, I’m far from being any kind of professional or even a very experienced tea drinker, so excuse my lack of proper terminology. Hehe.

First, the Wonderland Elixir tea that came in the OwlCrate box. It came in the most bee-yoo-ti-ful tin, and in the most adorable little pyramid tea bags (I’d never seen anything like them!). It looks like it’s only available in loose leaf from Adagio now.

See? Am I the only person who had never seen these amazing bags? I love how they have enough room for full tea leaves to open, plus the mesh just feels delightful when you pick them up.

I can’t have enough pictures of this tin, either. And you can see the description of the Wonderland elixir right there on the box!

This is a very tasty, mildly aromatic blend with predominant flavor of peach and cinnamon. The others you can smell or taste slightly but not quite as much. It’s decaf, so you can drink it all day long if you’re sensitive to caffeine!

Next up is the Elevenses tea, first of my LotR obsession-inspired buys. Haha. This one is:

blended with white tea, oolong tea, black tea, blueberries, natural blueberry flavor, natural vanilla flavor, natural creme flavor

I’m obsessed with these little tins, too. They’re smaller but just as adorable as the OwlCrate one. I’ve thought of 100 different things to use them for when they’re empty!

I don’t really taste blueberry in this one! There’s a faint scent of it, but it doesn’t seem to affect the taste much. It’s an extremely smooth, mild tea blend. The prominent flavor to me is vanilla, but even that doesn’t over power the actual tea taste. Color is a deep golden amber. It’s mild enough to not really need a sweetener (but I add a little honey anyway…I like the flavor even a little honey adds). My husband – who until now was a strictly Southern sweet tea drinker – loves this blend and asks for it almost daily. My little loose-leaf tea steeper is getting quite a workout!

Watching tea leaves unfurl and expand is almost hypnotic.

Next is the Shieldmaiden Tea. Eowyn is probably my all-time favorite female character, or at least favorite fantasy character, so naturally I had to try this one.

blended with black tea, white peony, natural caramel flavor, ginger root, natural ginger flavor

I also love seeing how the different blends look. 😀

It has a very distinct ginger scent and flavor. I couldn’t drink it without honey, too much of a bite. Definitely a TOTALLY different tea than the Elevenses. I think this one is best to drink in the morning, very energizing – and I don’t just mean the caffeine!

Last but far from least is the Elven Nectar blend. The description is what really pulled me to this tea.

blended with black tea, apple pieces, natural peach flavor, natural apricot flavor, natural caramel flavor, marigold flowers, apricots

I love fruit, and I love caramel. Surely it couldn’t go wrong! This one is my favorite of the 4 teas here. It smells absolutely divine. I am in love with the scent of peach combined with caramel and if it came in a perfume I would TOTALLY wear it. The taste is not as strong as the smell, and it’s a very quiet, calm blend despite apparently having a high level of caffeine listed. I’ve had it before bed several times and never had problems sleeping, but I also drink really strong coffee.

Aun-Juli has SO MANY MORE blends!! I just discovered she has a few Outlander inspired blends while I was writing this post…I might need an intervention.

ANYWAY, she has very graciously agreed to sponsor a giveaway for this post! Open INTERNATIONAL (yay!), she’s offering a sample of a Hogwarts house inspired blend (can you guess mine??) for the lucky winner. Enter in the widget below and good luck!

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