Writing Up Wednesday #1

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Today I’m introducing a new blog meme* – Writing Up Wednesday! Besides the writing I do for my blog, I’ve also started writing fiction again this year. NaNoWriMo 2016 really kicked me into gear and got me excited about writing again. It’s an excitement that I hope will last, and there’s no better way than to keep motivation up than to share it! I know a lot of my blogger friends also have writing goals outside of their blogs. Week to week I want to discuss various different topics related to writing, and I’ll put a link-up at the bottom of each topic post. So…drumroll please!

Writing Up Wednesday #1: What are your writing goals for 2017?

After finishing the draft of my fantasy novel during NaNoWriMo last year, my solitary goal for THIS year is to have a finished manuscript by December 31, 2017. I’m aiming for a minimum of 120,000 words. Now, this is a completely achievable and reasonable number, if I could be consistent. In the past two months (I started in December, since NaNo ended on November 30), however, I’ve discovered that writing consistently is not something I appear to be capable of. 😛

My WIP is currently sitting at 12,105 words. By my projected schedule, I should have been at 18,760 by the end of this week. The last couple of weeks though, life happened and I was super distracted and basically never gave my novel much thought. This past weekend I was feeling sad and overwhelmed and like a general failure…and then I started thinking more.

I’ve given myself permission to readjust. To change my goals. Changing goals isn’t failure, it’s flexibility. It’s resiliency. It’s refusing to let a change of pace derail me entirely. After years of NOT writing anything other than letters and the occasional non-fiction piece (due to a lot of issues, some of which I talk about in my story)…I’m going to continue to write. Even getting a little off-goal right now doesn’t mean I can’t still finish my book this year. My fear of failure is not going to stop me.

So that’s my 2017 writing goal! Just to finish my novel. Write 120,000 words. What’s yours? Link your post below! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for Writing Up Wednesday!

EDIT: Apparently the link up isn’t working…while I try to troubleshoot that, please leave your link in the comments!

*I’ve Googled and searched until my eyes hurt, but I can’t find an active meme that is similar. It’s not my intent to copy anyone or infringe on anyone’s creative space.

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