Something Else Sunday #28

March 12, 2017 Books/Writing, Life 1

Well, it’s another Sunday and here we are. I actually read books this week! Not entirely in the way I anticipated…I ended up with a DNF because I’d been reading an ARC of the book for a MONTH and then it was released and my ebook expired. Whoops. It was a beautifully written book but it was just so darn SLOW. Like, “Oh look at the pretty…oooo shiny…ooooo…yawn.” Nothing ever seemed to happen. But I liked the writing, I really did! So I haven’t posted a rating yet because I feel like it would be unfair. Anyway. I actually wrote reviews this week, so that’s a big win. 😀

BIG NEWS: We have our tickets for moving back to the States!!!! And our several hotel reservations. And the beginnings of plans with friends. And I sent someone an e-mail that said “See you in a few weeks” and it was REAL. I’m so freaking excited. So many changes. So many things.

With all THAT going on, it’s been a bit of a struggle to concentrate on reading and writing. Especially writing. My poor novel has been SO neglected it’s shameful and I’m really doubting I will make my goal of finishing it by the end of this year. Hoping to sit down and revamp my goals a bit this week. I was really inspired by NovelKnight’s Writer’s Bucket List post this week (which I somehow, inexplicably, cannot find to link)…I think I may need to make my own.

I didn’t much this week other than work and read…and worry about all the crap we have to get done in order to move. But I did write blog posts! Even TWO book reviews. So proud of myself. 😉

Last week:

This week:

That’s all for this week! Hope you’re all getting some warmer weather and getting ready for spring. 🙂