Review of Christmas Cake: a Holiday Collection

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Review of Christmas Cake: a Holiday CollectionChristmas Cake: A Holiday Collection by Celia Aaron
on November 28, 2018
Genres: Modern, Romance
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Ezra Grayson sits in his palatial estate and lords over the hamlet of Brooktown. He owns everything. Except her. Adeline Bishop runs Bishop Bakery, one of the last non-Grayson businesses in town. She’s sent the mysterious Mr. Grayson one of her signature Christmas cakes--while also refusing all his offers to buy her bakery--for the past 5 years. This year’s cake delivery brings their feud to a head. Ezra decides to confront Adeline, but he doesn’t expect the curvy baker to be quite so sweet. When naughty meets nice, who will get their just desserts?

Celia Aaron is a new-to-me author, and I was intrigued by the synopsis of the title story. Then I read the rest, because I’m something of a completionist. *tries to hide the very large stack of unfinished book series behind her*

Christmas Cake

4/5 stars. This was adorable. Short, cute, sexy, and different enough to keep me reading. I love that Adeline was a successful businesswoman – with a bakery! – that didn’t take shit from anyone, but she still had a soft, sweet side for people. Of course there was insta-love but this is a novella, so there kind of had to be! The sexy factor is ON POINT in this one too…phew. I liked Ezra, and the fact that while yes he was insanely hot he still had some imperfections (more in personality than appearance, but still).

A Cowboy for Christmas

3/5 stars. This one was just a little too corny for my taste. I guess I’m just not a cowgirl? Or maybe the characters just weren’t fleshed out enough for me. Even though they had known each other for a long time, they didn’t really know each other (and I don’t mean sexually, hehe), and there were a lot of misunderstandings and assumptions they had to clear away. Good, but not as good as the first story. It does have a bit of a mystery that is the catalyst for bringing the main characters together.

Christmas Candy

2.5/5 stars. I eye-rolled pretty hard through this one. The premise is basically that the couple (Olive and Hank) had a crush on each other in high school but neither ever had the courage to speak up. Now as adults, Olive has lost her chubbiness and become a super-hot yoga instructor (Hank swears he was infatuated with her as much then as now but was that really necessary??), and Hank owns a candy store but has the body of an Olympic swimmer.

A Stepbrother for Christmas

2.5/5 stars. Trigger warning accompanied this one: contains possible triggers for those sensitive to dub-con play. Fair enough. I’d never read anything featuring this sort of relationship, and I guess maybe it’s just not for me? But aside from that, I really felt the amount of hate/loathing Anna had for Niles in the beginning disappeared WAY too quickly to be believable, even if they had known each other for years. Maybe I’m just salty and jaded though, too.

Overall 3/5 star rating. Would DEFINITELY recommend the first story for a cute holiday tale, the rest if you’re bored and like quick steamy stories. 😉

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