April 2019 New Books Releases

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It’s time for another monthly new books post! Let’s just ignore the fact that I totally missed March…not just for books. Where did the month go? I felt like I was just barely treading water and then all of a sudden – boom – the month was over. *blink blink*

THIS month has already been quite eventful. Monday morning, I was working on a school project at home. Closed my laptop, drove to school, opened laptop…to find that my hard drive had died somewhere between home and school. Yep. Fantastic. Thankfully my husband works at an electronics store and I was able to get a new hard drive for much less than it would have cost anywhere else. Also thankfully, I long ago learned to put everything important either on a flash drive (this was years ago), or in the cloud somewhere. Preferable multiple somewheres. So I didn’t actually lose anything, just had the annoyance of not having a computer for a few days. First world problems.

Anyway! You’re here for the books, so let’s get started. I broke my five book limit for preorders rule this month, and made it six…and then there are three more that I just had to talk about even though I didn’t buy them (yet)!

All covers link to GoodReads!

  • Last of the Name – I was lucky enough to get an ARC from Netgalley of this book, but I ordered a copy for myself, I loved it that much. You can read my full review here!
  • The Devouring Gray – it was compared to the Raven Cycle, which is one of my favorite series of EVER…so yeah.
  • Demon Magic and a Martini – the 4th in the Guild Codex series by Anne Marie (how does she turn these out so fast?!?), which I’m buying even though I still haven’t read the third one…but, you can read my reviews of the first one, Three Mages and a Margarita, and the second one, Dark Arts and a Daiquiri!
  • The Missing Years – Scottish highlands, family secrets, creepy gardens…sign me up!
  • Little Darlings – twin changelings? Faery? Sounds fascinating! I’m kind of sad that this has gotten some lukewarm to negative reviews from bloggers that I’ve found usually align with my tastes, but we’ll see.
  • The Boy Who Steals Houses – by the amazing PaperFury, so obviously I had to get it…not to mention her debut, A Thousand Perfect Notes, completely broke my heart and crushed my soul (you should read it, obvs).
  • We Rule the Night – feminist pilots saving the world! Need I say more? Also, THAT COVER. Holy shit.
  • Witch’s Honor – sequel to the book that unexpectedly gave me hot flashes a few months ago, Shadow Walker. I complained about the cover of that one but loved the story, and I was super excited to see the female MC on the cover of this one – and NOT in some ridiculous state of half-dress.
  • The Raven’s Tale – EDGAR ALLAN POE!! Inspired by, anyway. And finding his muse…which is more demanding than one might think…yes, I need this book.

What’s on your radar for April? Have you read any of these yet?

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