Read a Series in a Month!

April 30, 2019 Books/Writing 0

Read a series in a month? Say whaaaaat? YEP! I’m going to try it. And I’m going to try it with a series I’ve put off for a long, long time. Thanks so much to Because Reading for coming up with this idea and hosting!


The Rules

  1. Pick 1 series. Yes, just 1. Announce which series you’ve picked on your sign up post and link it back here.
  2. Read EVERY book in the series. You don’t have to read novellas or short stories, just the core books.
  3. Read them all between 12am (your time) May 1st and 11:59pm (your time) May 31st. They MUST be marked (on Goodreads) as started and finished in the month of May to count.
  4. Enjoy bragging to everyone about how you’re all caught up on whatever series you read (AKA – have fun)! Use the hashtag #SeriesinaMonth


So, my series is…drumroll please…

I was 18 when the first book came out, and, being the young English major that I was, I turned up my nose. Fast forward several (ahem) years, and I realize how much of an idiot I was – not for disliking the idea of Twilight, which I’m still suspicious of, but for book-shaming anyone and forcing myself to read only classic or literary books. So.

I’m going to be recording my progress on my Instagram stories (my first time really using stories for anything so don’t laugh too hard at my awkward self), with reactions/quotes/etc., and I’ve put them in Highlights so you can start at the beginning if you wish. It should be…entertaining. I’m notoriously hard to please when it comes to romances, and from everything that I’ve heard over the year I feel like I’ll probably still be doing a lot of eye-rolling as I read these. But, I kind of felt like I needed to read them, since they’re one of the first series that was really marketed for a YA audience and they helped kickstart the genre. A lot of people have told me I’m not missing much, but still…I feel the need to see for myself, almost as a rite of passage. Haha!


If you’re playing along with the Series in a Month challenge, leave a comment with what series!

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