Sunday Post #18 – Continuing On

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Hey everyone! Back with another Sunday Post update, via Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. I’m patterning mine off of Kimberly’s, at least for now. Maybe one day I’ll get creative and make my own graphics!

Life Update

I’ve been sick, and I feel like it’s ENTIRELY too early in the season to be sick. It’s not even officially fall yet! But after 10+ days of coughing my lungs out I went to the doctor and turns out I have/had bronchitis. I’m still coughing but no fever now, so yay? I’m soooo glad I went with only three classes this semester or I’m sure I would have absolutely collapsed trying to keep up. Husband has been sick too, though not as bad. Yay, go us. 😛

Had my first two exams this week. Not great taking them sick, but life goes on. I just might have needed a good stiff drink afterwards, though whiskey and honey would probably have been the better option. I generally settled for tea and honey and bed.

Weekly Dose of Adorableness

Throwback! They were so leetle but grew up so fast!

Last Week on Blog

I actually posted things! *gasp* All covers link to GoodReads, and titles to my review.

Next Week on the Blog


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  • Pawsitively Poisonous (Witch of Edgehill #1) – paranormal cozy mystery review
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