Sunday Post #21 – Midterms

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Hey everyone! Back with another Sunday Post update, via Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. I’m patterning mine off of Kimberly’s, at least for now. Maybe one day I’ll get creative and make my own graphics!

Life Update

This last week was midterms, which I suppose went okay. Took one for vertebrate biology on Monday, and the entire class did so badly the professor made us take it again on Friday. So I had three midterms all on the same day! 😛 Glad that’s over with.

After DH got off work on Friday we headed up to Sandusky, Ohio, to go to Cedar Point’s HalloWeekend with my brother. It was FREEZING and none of us had packed for the weather! Also, even though we got there early, the park was absolutely slammed with people on Saturday and we went on a grand total of FOUR rides…we waited in line for one roller coaster for almost two and a half hours. Would love to go again but clearly we need to figure out when the less-busy times are! Unfortunately, after spending hours outside in the whipping wind, we were all completely pooped WAY before all the spooky stuff came out. We went back to the car to warm up around 4 p.m. and after about 15 minutes decided it was just too damn cold and only getting colder. Next time we’ll bring real coats…and hats, and scarves…


Weekly Dose of Adorableness

Another throwback, because for some reason all my photos are too large to upload now. This stuffed latte lasted all of five minutes!

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