About Me

With my baby pupper, Noah (after Il Duce from Boondock Saints).

The Main Stuff:

This is me. I write book reviews. Also reviews of bookish products. Fangirl over my favorite authors and books. Rant about anything related to books, literacy, and a few other subjects close to my heart. I will try to convert you to the wonderful world of reading. I love talking about books, any and all genres, authors, types, etc. I may have strong opinions and become slightly forceful in conversation, but I will always respect your opinion. You can follow me on GoodReads, Twitter, and Bloglovin’…I have an Instagram account, but it’s a mix of books and personal stuffs.

My Rating System in Detail:


***** 5 Stars: Holy hell this book is LIFE and also probably crushed my soul but I don’t even care. Book hangover impending a.k.a. I need the next one RIGHT NOW (wait what? don’t tell me there’s not a next one, I refuse to believe it).
**** 4 Stars: Loved it, enjoyed it, would recommend it, but had a few minor issues that I probably noted in my review. Would still read more in the series/by the author.
*** 3 Stars: It was okay. Not great, not horrible, just middle-of-the-road. Depending on how I felt about the characters I might read the next in a series at some point but I won’t be beating down the bookstore door for it. Judgment still out on the author.
** 2 Stars: Ugggghhhh really? What even is this? Not for me. Glaring issues either with content or characters. On the verge of feeling personally offended.
* 1 Star: WTF IS THIS. This is utter TRASH and how TF did it get published?!?

FLAME RATINGS – I do NOT use flames to denote the explicitness (i.e. graphic depictions of sexual activities) of a book. The flames are based on how the romance/relationship/sex worked FOR ME.

***** 5 Flames: HOLY SHIT I NEED A COLD SHOWER. This was sexy and hot as hell and left me all kinds of bothered, okay?
**** 4 Flames: Phew. The sex was HOT and there were details but it just didn’t feel quite as real and amazing as a 5 flame read.
*** 3 Flames: There might or might not have been actual sex, but amazing chemistry and or just plain sexual tension would get this rating too. THIS IS MY BEST FLAME RATING FOR BOOKS WITHOUT ACTUAL SEX OF ANY VARIETY.
** 2 Flames: Meh. There was romantic/sexual attraction or a relationship, but I just wasn’t on board with it, didn’t feel much from it.
* 1 Flame: UGH JUST NO. Nothing about this worked. Not the attraction, not the relationship, not the sex.

More About Me

I read and review across almost all genres, so I’m never bored. I live in the beautiful state of Virginia with my husband, our cat, two dogs, some fish, and an ever-growing collection of books. I also love to travel, be outdoors whenever possible, write snail-mail letters, and create fiber and textile art. I’m currently in college for my second bachelor’s degree, this one in biology. I’ve been a medic, a professional vampire, and an ESL tutor. I’m fascinated by living things, be they human, plant, or animal.