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New Digs

New Digs

This morning is the first time I have had time to truly relax in several weeks. Yes, there have been moments or even an hour here and there, but for the most part my husband and I have just been GOGOGOGOGO with barely time to breathe. We finally have our own place again, and are […]

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Reasons I Missed Home

Reasons I Missed Home

Not book-related. Well, mostly not book-related. Just me. On all the reasons why moving home after 2 years abroad is such a huge deal. I’ve had great times in Korea…mostly related to the people I’ve met, not the place. The place has been an experience too, and one I’m very grateful to have had…but I’m […]

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Something Else Sunday #25

Something Else Sunday #25

Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s time for another Something Else Sunday and unfortunately about the only “something else” that I got to this week was my job. 😛 Haha. However, there have been MASSIVE improvements on that front…a day late and a dollar short, but I will definitely enjoy them for the rest of the time […]

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Something Else Sunday #22

Something Else Sunday #22

Hey everyone! It’s time for Something Else Sunday again and I’m feeling very disjointed and a little bit bummed out today…yay for all the political unrest on FB and general arguing I hear every single time I step outside my house (and sometimes within it). Blah. So, I’ve deleted the FB app from my phone […]

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Something Else Sunday #15

Yes, I’m pretty much an entire day late. Bite me. 😛 It’s been a rough week. I’m still reeling from everything – Alfie’s passing, then the election…we have such a road ahead of us. I really don’t understand how my country – that I thought was finally climbing out of the dark ages as far […]

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So much animosity and hatred present in our world right now. On top of the grief of losing a beloved companion…this. It’s making it really hard for me to function right now, and I can only imagine how many people in marginalized groups feel. I don’t even know all the “correct” terms to use, I […]

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NaNoWriMo ’16

What’s that you say? What’s Lizzy up to? Writing? Writing FICTION?!? What is the world coming to? I haven’t written a line of fiction in…about 7 years, I think. If you’ve read my last few Something Sunday posts, you’ll know I used to write fiction all the time, just for my own fun and amusement. […]

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Something Else Sunday #13 – The Beginning of a Love Affair, Part 3

This is the last week I’ll be telling my story, at least for awhile. Not that I have any intention of it stopping here, but I really don’t KNOW where I’m going from here, obviously…I only know where I currently AM and where I hope to be one day. Here’s where you can read Part […]

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