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Swapping Stuffs

Swapping Stuffs

I started doing some swaps on Swap-bot again, after a long absence of ANY kind of swapping. I’ve received some postcards (yay for my collection…still at home…sigh), and then this week I got some awesome packages of notecards and stationery stuffs! I’m slowly building up to bigger swaps (as most of them have requirement of […]

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I’m taking my baby in to see the vet this morning. I really have a bad feeling about this time. He’s not himself, has (yet another) ear infection, can’t keep any food inside of him, and since Sunday has had a slight cough (first attributed to almost choking on something). He had little to no […]

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New Ink!

No, not the permanent kind. After the last post you thought so though, didn’t you? Alright, that’s a very bad attempt to be funny when I’m tired and a bit “meh” feeling. I really meant to write a garden update, but things are changing so fast that the last pictures I took are already out […]

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End of the Month of Mail!

Here are the last few days of mail I sent for the Month of Mail Challenge. I enjoyed it and will do it again! February 27: a letter to a penpal in Canada. February 28: Postcrossing card US-1564063. February 29: a thank you note for a birthday gift. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your […]

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Happy Things

* Mornings when I don’t have to leave before 8 am. * Working with awesomely positive people. * Leftover snow on the ground, but clear roads. * Sunshine! * Opening my mailbox and finding interesting (I.e., not bills or credit card applications) things. * Books in an organized library. * Seeing snow-covered mountains on the […]

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Second Week of Mail

In spite of being sick with some dreadful combination of nasties (bronchitis, sinusitis, and laryngitis, according to the doctor) that had me wishing to die (almost), I managed to get something mailed for every postal day this week. Well, ok…the postcard that was supposed to be mailed on the 10th went out on the 11th […]

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