First Week of Mail

Well, I started out with good intentions but fell -splat- on the first day. I sent a note to someone I generally don’t write to (but would like to), but forgot to take a picture! It was a lovely Letter Writer’s Alliance card too. Ah well, here is the rundown. February 1: LWA card mailed […]

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More Books

Well, I managed to get more reading done this week than I thought, again. This time I think it was due to limiting how much I browse on the web in the morning before work, and then the wrist injury I got at work on Friday that kept me from any knitting this weekend. 🙁 […]

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This Week’s Reading

I’m actually amazed I was able to read anything at all, as my final clocked working hours came in at 62. 😛 But I did! 5.   The Nightingale Gallery, by Paul Doherty 6.   Unforgettable Canada, by George Fischer and Noel Hudson I would really like to go to Canada for vacation this summer, and am […]

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75 Books in 2012

I’m fairly sure I read at least this many books or more within a year, but I’ve never seriously (I don’t think) tried to keep track of them all, except maybe by reviewing, which I recall quickly deciding was to much effort unless a book was spectacularly either good or bad. This time I’m just […]

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Bookish Socializing

So…there is Shelfari, where I’ve had a mostly inactive account for a couple of years now, and GoodReads, which I somehow wasn’t aware of and yet seems to be the most popular site. My goal in using a book socializing site is to be able to converse with friends and acquaintances about what they’re reading, […]

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