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Something Else Sunday

Something Else Sunday

So, I’m changing up my posting schedule a bit. I’d been thinking about it for awhile and then Puput’s post on Figuring Out Your Perfect Blogging Schedule gave me the extra little push I needed. I love books. I love writing. I love writing about books. However, I also have 50 million other interests (I’m […]

Something Else Sunday #27

Hi everyone! This week…well, this week sucked. It seemed like nothing went as planned and I was having a super emotional and homesick week and I didn’t read much of anything. Well, I did read some during the 24-hour surprise shift that got thrown at me, but it wasn’t very good reading time, I couldn’t […]

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Something Else Sunday #21: A Garden of Dreams

Something Else Sunday #21: A Garden of Dreams

Welcome to another Something Else Sunday! This week I’m taking the opportunity to share another one of my passions with you all – my love of all things that grow. I haven’t had an actual garden in almost 4 years, but I’ve almost always had at least one or two houseplants during that time. I […]

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The Beginnings of Happiness

Whether or not the tomatoes produce as many pounds of fruit as I hope, whether or not the calendula comes up, whether or not the cucumbers survive, my little garden has already filled me with glee. My happy little sunflower (seeds planted in February!) corner with tiny, less-than-a-foot-tall Firecracker sunflowers. The pink dianthus, bought as […]

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