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Jun 05

Still Here!

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Hello folks! Yes, I am still here. Mostly. πŸ˜‰

However, going back to college full time has been a real adjustment. I had SO MUCH HOMEWORK last semester, I really struggled juggling home, family, and school. In my little bit of spare time, I mostly tried to be creative. I did a lot of knitting. Unfortunately, I did almost no reading that wasn’t for class. Ok, let me be completely honest.


I miss it. So much. Missing my books is not helping my stress levels. But I came out of this first semester with a decent GPA, so it was worth it. I do really want to work my “fun” reading back into my day to day life, and I’m hopingΒ  this summer will let me do that. I’m still taking classes this summer, but not as many (phew).

There have been so many amazing new books that have come out this year – not a SINGLE ONE of which I have managed to read, even though I had a couple on pre-order. I’m going to try to put a post in the next few days highlighting some of these, so stay tuned!

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Nov 11

So How About Life?

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Time for a life update! I’ve been posting significantly less lately, even though I’ve actually, FINALLY, been reading more. My problem right now is actually FINISHING the books I’m starting, but that’s an entirely different post. πŸ˜›


Lately, I’m just…in a lot of limbo. We knew when we moved into this house that – much as we LOVE it – we wouldn’t be staying here long. My job contract is up in December and I am going BACK TO COLLEGE FULL TIME in January. Just a lee-tle bit excited about that. Yes, this is for my 2nd bachelor’s degree instead of doing the normal thing and getting a master’s, but due to an English degree not having ANY of the required classes to apply to any sort of graduate medical program…yeah. So, bachelor’s degree #2 it is. I don’t really mind – I am DYING to start classes, and actually be studying all this super cool stuff (I should be able to skip most of the super BORING classes since they transfer from the first degree, say what). I am having a little anxiety over the fact that I won’t be working a full time job. First time in like…7 years? 8 years (yes, I am OLD)? Eeeeeep. That’s super freaking scary. And is causing me a lot of stress. To where I feel like this on the inside:


And probably look something like this on the outside:

I don’t know what I’m doing buuuut I’ll pretend it’s all good.

Because everything is GOING TO BE OK. JUST BREATHE. Heh. Easier said then done, but I’m trying.

Cool Things:

  • Tomorrow I’m going to a Maggie Stiefvater book signing at Parnassus Books in Nashville!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points in the WORLD. Not only is this my first EVER author event, but, um, HELLO this woman wrote the Raven Cycle – which, no, I have not finished yet, but the first two books of which connected with me on such a deep soul level that I am ready to call Henrietta my hometown (partially because I am CONVINCED she patterned it off of my ACTUAL hometown, but I digress). I might be on a Raven Cycle re-read/reading binge at the moment.
  • NaNoWriMo is going…ehhh, ok. I am behind, but not so far behind that I couldn’t feasibly catch up. Just shy of 12K at the moment. So why am I writing a blog post instead of my novel? Because COME ON, people, this is NaNo. πŸ˜›
  • I have some SUPER CUTE new book sleeves up in the shop! I am just in love with these little winter forest animals in their adorable scarves and hats. <3 I don’t know why this photo is fuzzy here, it is not fuzzy anywhere else, I promise.
  • I went to my first drag show. It was awesome and I was awkward but I had so much fun. I was NOT drunk enough for some of those songs, though, haha! Naturally I have no good pictures, because club lighting.
  • I’m thinking about starting a YouTube channel! But not book-related. More animal/pet related. Because I adore animals and am extremely passionate about not only them and their care, but on educating people and debunking myths/false information spread by pet stores and the general public with regards to those topics. Once we move, I plan to have fish again, and hopefully husband will be getting his service dog puppy. Fingers crossed. I would, of course, love to have another cat, as well as maybe a chameleon and some other things, but I am ALSO a strong believer in taking things slow when it comes to adding animals to your household, so. We shall see.

    “What’s that, Mom? A kitty TV (i.e., aquarium) and a new brother or sister for me?”


So that’s my life for right now! How about you? If you’re doing NaNo, how’s it going? What do you think of a pet themed YouTube channel?


Follow me on social media to keep up with more reviews and bookish posts!

Β Β Β 



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Apr 20

Reasons I Missed Home

Life, Musings 2

Spring cherry blossoms in South Korea are beautiful…and so is the road ahead.

Not book-related. Well, mostly not book-related. Just me. On all the reasons why moving home after 2 years abroad is such a huge deal. I’ve had great times in Korea…mostly related to the people I’ve met, not the place. The place has been an experience too, and one I’m very grateful to have had…but I’m a homebody. I miss MY family. I miss MY mountains. I miss MY traditions, MY food…my freedom. I’m going home to the States, but I think these feelings can apply to anyone who loves where they come from and is uprooted.

  • I miss my family. My family is nuts. But I love them, and so I miss them. I miss knowing that no matter what goes wrong, I always have a safe place to sleep. I could call my grandma, many of my aunts or uncles, if something in my life went horribly wrong…and as soon as I could get to them or them to me, I would be loved and cared for. I am so blessed. I know so many people who DON’T have that…one of my life goals is to be that place and that person for as many people as I can.
  • I miss having friends that share my interests. Over here…the Americans I hang out with think all my artsy-fartsy-ness is weird, for the most part. Occasionally I’ll get a “Oh that’s so cool I could never have the patience for that!” comment, but for the most part…I’m just the weird nerd standing in the corner while everyone else gets shit-faced drunk. But I’m also the person they call if they don’t know how to get something done. So…yeah, whatever folks. I love you guys, but I’m tired of feeling like I have to defend the things I like to do. Also, I don’t speak enough Korean to really try to find a group of same-interest folks. In the past 3 months I met a Korean that I quickly became friends with, who I share lots of interests with, and it kills me that I have to leave so soon after meeting her. One of those people that you would have done anything to meet earlier.
  • English. I.e., my native language. And my native language is one of if not the most dominant language in the world. How the HELL do people who speak a very minority language survive? Obviously, most of them learn the language of the country they live in, but…goddamn. My hat is off to all those people. I can barely speak a few phrases in Korean. When I first got here, I would get a headache every time I went out because the sheer NOISE of another language being spoken. Now it’s familiar, even if I don’t understand much of it…but I still nearly cry when I go out and someone speaks to me in English. Watch me go home and just spend 2 days bawling in the street because EVERYONE speaks English.
    • That said, this really has opened my eyes to have immigrants and other non-English speakers must feel when they come to the US or UK (or Australia?). I’ve also realized how awkward it feels to not speak the main language of the country in which you live. I see people all the time who just EXPECT South Koreans to speak English. Um, why? This is their country. They speak Korean. We are not entitled to people knowing how to speak English here (even though many do…many more than would speak Korean if they came to the US). Americans…get over it. Stop expecting the world to bow to you. I love my country just as much if not more than the average citizen, even if I admit to and see the many faults our country and government have…but I respect and admire other countries and cultures as well, and I expect that I will have to bend myself to their country when I visit, not the other way around.
  • Cultural differences. I’m all for experience another culture as much as you can. However…I have a lot of hangups when it comes to food (I’m very picky, heh). Also, the personal space bubble. This is far from being a Korea-only thing, as lots of countries and cultures have a much smaller personal bubble than Americans or maybe even other Western countries…but I get really freaked out when people stand all up on me in line, or on a train, or when in a store. It’s not rude here for people to run into you or even push you out of their way…it’s just how it is. And it drives. me. nuts. For god’s SAKE let me breathe.

Does anyone ever truly get used to a place so different from where they were born/raised/lived the majority of their lives? I wonder. I see many people here who have come from the US or the UK and made South Korea their home, and I wonder if I am just a freak or if I just missed the secret to being so happy here. I love experiencing new places and people, but in the end…I don’t belong here. I will miss some people here, very very much. I hope we can stay friends through e-mail and FB and if they ever come visit the US, they will have first dibs on my guest room or couch, whatever I can offer. But in the end, I don’t belong here. This is not my home. These 2 years have been hard. REALLY FREAKING HARD. I’ve struggled in relationships, struggled with my own depression, struggled with feeling like I was doing nothing of value. On the other hand, I have made friends that I know will remain friends no matter how many miles separate us. I have made friends that transcend time and distance, and for them I am eternally grateful – they are what has made my 2 years here worth it. No cultural “experience” can match that.

I’ve learned that making a difference in the quality of people’s lives is probably the single most important thing to me, and knowing that has driven me to make decisions I might not have otherwise had the strength to make. It takes a lot for me to make a decision. I’m not a very decisive person, but I’m hella stubborn and once I’ve made a decision…it pretty much takes hell itself to change my mind. I’m looking forward to the new changes coming, even if they may prove difficult and require some sacrifices.

I’m looking forward to being home.

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Apr 15

To be Still

Life 0

See that face? Deceptively innocent. SO MUCH DECEIT.

It’s Saturday morning. I have 2 nights left in this apartment, and all our furniture was removed yesterday except what will be shipped back to the States (i.e., our bed, a card table, and the bookshelves). I’m sitting on a mattress topper on the floor, nursing my coffee and cuddling with my kitty. Said kitty is BESIDE himself with all the upheavals and goings ons. πŸ™ Poor baby. I woke up at about 3:30 a.m. to him sitting on my chest CLEARLY preparing to heave up the contents of his stomach. In my sleep-addled state the only thing I could think of to do was roll over, which deposited him onto the floor JUST as he successful evacuated dinner.

ARGH. Cleaning up vomit in the wee hours in the morning is not my favorite. πŸ˜› At least it wasn’t in his chosen place, i.e., ON MY FACE. Traitorous kitty.

So this morning I should be trying to finish up the two projects I am DETERMINED to finish before we officially move out (a knit toy for my goddaughter and a quilt that has been far too long in the UFO pile). I am also refusing to go sign out of the library until I have FINISHED the last book I have checked out from them, which MIGHT already be 30 days overdue. Ahem.

Anyone read Scythe? It’s pretty good. A new twist on the Grim Reaper business, that’s for sure! A little bit slow in the beginning but I’m almost 200 pages in now and OMG things keep happening. Hehe.

I am trying to allow myself to sit and relax, to center and just BE STILL. If I don’t, I know myself – I will go bonkers. My brain is going a million different directions. I need to just breathe. Breathe, breathe, breathe…

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Apr 02

Attack of the Zombies

Life 1

Zombie. Don’t lie, it looks VERY zombie.

Because that sounds cooler than what actually happened, and the end result WAS a very zombie-looking foot. πŸ˜›

Just in case anyone was wondering where or why I’ve sort of disappeared this week…I was so lucky (i.e., klutzy) last week as to break my ankle. While walking down a hallway and around a corner. No cool story, just…yeah. But, I’ve discovered that breaking bones is extremely painful and reduces my ability to concentrate to about nil.

Also that just wishing it would feel better and getting up and hobbling around usually does not work.

Fantastic thing to happen 3 weeks out from a halfway-round-the-world move. *eyeroll*


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Jan 08

Something Else Sunday #21: A Garden of Dreams

Gardening/Herbalism/Nature, Life 3

Welcome to another Something Else Sunday! This week I’m taking the opportunity to share another one of my passions with you all – my love of all things that grow. I haven’t had an actual garden in almost 4 years, but I’ve almost always had at least one or two houseplants during that time. I really miss my “big” little garden square in the community garden (that was back in 2012…yikes!). My only current houseplant is a beautiful moth orchid given to me by a friend last Thanksgiving. That Sir Tristan decided to un-pot…3 times. About two months ago I decided that, since it was still somehow showing signs of life, I would replant it and start watering it again. Also vigilantly guard it. Ahem. The leaves are growing, but it is still such a sad little flower compared to what it was when I received it!

Β Β 

^Then and now. The difference is ghastly. I’m hoping I can return it to health before we move. Since I can’t take it with me, I plan to give it back to the friend it came from. See the scar on the leaf in the second pic? Courtesy Sir Tristan. *angry face* The leaves are growing, but they are horizontal now as opposed to pointing up as in the first. I have ordered some new potting mix and fertilizer though, so hopefully once I can repot again, it will do better.

With our upcoming move, I can’t start any new plants or a garden just yet, but I’m dreaming! Even once we are settled back in the States (hopefully late May to early June…hopefully), I’ll have to limit my gardening attempts because of the state of limbo our residence and jobs will be in at that point. So, this is my chance to dream. To dream of the garden I would have, if I knew living arrangements and finances were going to be stable for the next 2-4 years. Do any of you guys garden? If so, how do you suit your plants to your living environment? I know many of us live in less-than-ideal places for gardens!

First, I would set up a pollinator garden. Mainly for bees, but also for butterflies and other pollinators. Did you know that record numbers of bees having been dying in the past several years? While the numbers seem to have stabilized somewhat, they are far from what they were a decade ago and they’re such a HUGE part of having a successful garden!


I’d use something like this Bee Feed Mix, left, and the Sensation Cosmos Mix on the right. Cosmos are phenomenal bloomers and I love their feathery leaves. Perfect for a low maintenance flower bed at the front of a house!

I’m dying to have an Old English rose, like this Munstead Wood from David Austin Roses. I could just live in their catalogue, every single one is so beautiful. My parents gave me my first rose (an actual plant) when I was 7 or 8, and I’ve been in love ever since.

These are “Kentucky Wonder Pole” green beans. I like that they climb so you don’t have to bend over to pick them. MANY hours of my middle grade years were spent bent over a bean patch in the summer! Haha.

I would have a huge vegetable garden. With enough green beans to feed not just me and my husband but friends and neighbors as well. Green beans are by far our favorite veggie! There are so many different types I want to try. I love heirloom and historic varieties, and there are SO MANY becoming available now. Look at how many beans – just beans – there are! Not to mention the tomatoes, melons, and all the other different veggies.

Comfrey, shown here from Strictly Medicinal Seeds. I’m fascinated by herbal medicine, and comfrey is one of the few I’ve actually tried myself and found it surprisingly effective! I really want to study herbs more, grow more, learn and experiment with them. Besides having herbs for seasoning, I’d like to start a medicinal herb garden and comfrey would be my first pick.

Last but FAR from least – bulbs. I adore bulb flowers. Their colors are almost universally bright and stunning and they are the most beautiful thing in spring. Hyacinths, like the above heirloom “Marie” from Old House Gardens, are my favorite. One day I want to have beds and beds of them. They smell positively divine.

There are SO MANY MORE plants and trees I want to grow and experience one day! These would just be my starting place. I love growing things. I love nature. I miss it. And I’m sure I’ve probably bored my bookish readers enough, so I’ll stop here. πŸ˜‰

Coming Up This Week:

Down the TBR Hole #7
Review of The Bear and the Nightingale
TTT: 2016 Releases I Meant to Read but Didn’t Get To (and Totally Mean To)
Review of Fairest by Marissa Meyer
Review of Riddle’s Tea Shoppe Teas

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Nov 24

Top Ten Tuesday #6: 10 Things I’m Grateful For

Life 0

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, and to everyone else…may you have a day filled with love and light, family and friends as well!

I haven’t done one of these TTTs from The Broke and the Bookish in a long time, and considering my current blogging/reading slump, this topic seemed very fitting. And yes, I realize it’s Thursday. πŸ˜› Haha. Anyway, here we go:

  1. My husband. He’s always supporting me, always encouraging me, and always loving me, no matter how crazy I am. He may not always understand why I do the things I do, but he supports them. I love sharing my life with him. I love that he’s always down for new adventures. He’s overcome so much in life, and is one of the strongest people I know. I love him so much.
  2. My best friend. We met when I was 16 and she was 15 and 12 years later, are still going strong. We’ve been through SO MUCH SHIT together – high school, marriage, college, divorce, remarriage, starting on kids – and have grown and changed beyond our wildest imaginings but somehow are still friends and she is the first person I call when I’m either super excited or super upset. I would do anything for her.
  3. Tristan. He really is my little therapy cat. I don’t know how I would have survived the last year without him. He seems to sense when I’m the most upset or unhappy and always comes to cuddle and purr. Such a little lover boy.
  4. Books. This sounds so generic, but without books, I would be a much, MUCH smaller person. I would never have found the strength to question the narrow-minded and harmful beliefs of the cult, never found the courage to stand up and say that I was worth something. I learned and continue to learn SO MUCH from books – both fiction and non-fiction.
  5. The internet. It’s made not only knowledge easier to come by, but friends. 20-somethings who like to read, knit, and hike are not so common in my real-life neck of the woods, but I read quite a few blogs that are written by people of very similar interests!
  6. My penpals. Most of whom I’ve never met, but continually fill my mailbox with brightly colored missives of musings and chatter. Such wonderful people that I am privileged to know!
  7. My country. With all its flaws, I still love the USA…living overseas has definitely brought that home to me. It makes me incredibly sad to see the current state of things, and rather fearful for my friends that don’t fit the mold that the administration-elect wants to propagate, but I have hope. Yes, I have hope, that even as we’ve made some strides for love and equality, that we will continue to do so because GOOD PEOPLE WILL NOT SIT DOWN AND DO NOTHING.
  8. My job. While I gripe and complain and moan at times, I have a good steady job with a good paycheck that enables me to do the things I love – read, write, take care of Tristan, knit and sew – without too much worrying about finances. I am extremely blessed.
  9. My extended family. My grandparents, aunts and uncles, have provided a safe place for me through just being there. My childhood, while not abusive per se, was not exactly healthy and they have all helped me out at some point in time.
  10. Coffee. Is this silly? Maybe. But it’s become such a part of my morning routine to sit down and gather my thoughts for the day while drinking a cup or two. I’m sure part of it is the Pavlov’s dog effect, but still. I love my coffee. <3

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Nov 11


Life, Musings 3

So much animosity and hatred present in our world right now. On top of the grief of losing a beloved companion…this. It’s making it really hard for me to function right now, and I can only imagine how many people in marginalized groups feel. I don’t even know all the “correct” terms to use, I just…I know this is not the country I thought we were.



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Oct 24

Something Else Sunday #13 – The Beginning of a Love Affair, Part 3

Life, Musings 5


You’ll have to put up with a horrible selfie for today. Because this is Sir Tristan at his sweetest…he sleeps like this EVERY night, complete with tail curled around my arm.

This is the last week I’ll be telling my story, at least for awhile. Not that I have any intention of it stopping here, but I really don’t KNOW where I’m going from here, obviously…I only know where I currently AM and where I hope to be one day. Here’s where you can read Part 1 and Part 2. This part is LONG. I don’t know how to shorten it though, because…well. Not that I personally am very important, but this story is important, because emotional and mental abuse is real and the damage just as lasting as other types of abuse. Also, just this part alone took place over about 5 years. The real reason though, is so that maybe other people in bad relationships can know: it is possible to break free, to be free, and to live and love again. While my relationship was the traditional one of marriage between a man and a woman, abusive relationships take all forms – between parents and children, between people of all sexual orientations – and it’s not just men that can be abusive. If you recognize yourself in any of this, please look for help. You are worthy of so much more.

Oh, and the title? My love affair with words. Written by others, written by myself…I’ve finally come to call it what it is. πŸ˜‰


The little girl moved to Virginia, husband in tow. Her best friend moved from California at the same time. She was tired of living somewhere she hated, with no friends and no family. Somehow she and her husband agreed to move. Virginia was close to her grandparents and extended family, and with her best friend there, it felt as Β close to perfect as she had ever been. It didn’t take her long to find a job at a blood bank. It was long hours, but she was good at it, the people who came to donate blood loved her, and she loved her job.Β 

Before too long though, that was the only part of her life that she loved. Her relationship was becoming more and more unhealthy. Every time she walked into her house, it was like a cloud descended on her head and stayed there, threatening to smother her. She was afraid. Afraid to be herself, afraid to do the things she loved. The only safe place was at work, where she knew it was okay to be good – she definitely wasn’t hurting anyone’s feelings by trying to be better or even the best. At work she was strong, independent, should could take care of other people, not just herself.

At home everything had to be just how he wanted. Her feelings were always wrong or unjustified. Her husband started to say things now and then that genuinely frightened her, both for his safety and her own. She silently resented that his choices always had to be THEIR choices, from what hung on the walls, to when they had sex, to how often they could visit her family. He didn’t like going places with her. When he did go out, he usually wanted to go alone. Her coworkers sometimes teased her that she had a pretend husband, because he would never even come inside her workplace, even to give her the keys she locked inside her vehicle one day. The last birthday gift she got him, she had planned and saved for months to be able to buy. She gave it to him, and he told her to return it. All the little hurts added up, over and over again, until she was just one big hurt. When she tried to tell him…well, obviously, she was wrong.

She could be a statue of liberty
She could be a Joan of Arc
But he’s scared of the light that’s inside of her
So he keeps her in the dark.

It was the night of her birthday party at a friend’s house that she told him she couldn’t do it. If things didn’t change, she wanted a divorce. He had just torn apart the bathroom she had finally decorated. It had taken her months to decide to do anything because she was so afraid he wouldn’t like it, and felt so guilty about spending the money on it. Her mom had sent her some birthday money a few days early, and so she had finally done it. In 30 seconds, it was destroyed and what little bit of her heart was left was broken.Β 

It was that summer before she finally found the courage to break free. She spent almost an entire weekend out with friends, and something finally snapped – she couldn’t keep going home. She felt like she no longer had a home. She was terrified. She was afraid he would hurt her, or her cat. The entire time she forced the words out, she shook from head to toe and her only thought beyond getting through her speech was to keep the couch between them. She never spent another night in the same house with him.

Her friends and family welcomed her with open arms. She discovered they had been worried about her for a long time, but afraid that she would shut them out if they tried to point out all the red flags that were so obvious to the rest of the world. She lived with her best friend for awhile, then managed, with a lot of help from her family, to get her own place.

She was so happy. At last, she answered to no one except herself. At last, she was free to feel – feel anything she wanted. Free to follow her heart. Free to eat whatever she wanted – or not at all. Free to climb mountains if she wanted. Free to spend the night on a boat on a lake with a guy she barely knew. Free to stay out until 2 in the morning and only have people call to check on her, not demand things from her. Free to explore. Free to go out or stay in, and not feel influenced or obligated to anyone. She decorated her little apartment and didn’t ask anyone for permission. She went to see her grandmother. She reclaimed her cat, who had had to stay with her ex-husband until she found a place.Β 

She made some new, rather drastic career choices. Her friends and new boyfriend supported her 100%.Β She was free to make her own mistakes. Not that no one cared, but for the first time ever in her life, no one was trying to control her.Β 

It took awhile for the creative muse to come back. Buried and discouraged for so long…but it still wasn’t dead. It took awhile for her love of WORDS to come back…she had almost stopped reading as well. That too, came back to her, along with her heart. She moved overseas, got married again…read piles and piles of books.Β 

And now she’s here. The muse took a long time to move beyond the look of colors, the texture of fabric and yarn, to move back into words. She feels them stirring, deep in her brain. Maybe they’ll come back into story form one day. But for now…she’s here. Buried in the depths of books, writing – writing SO MUCH. Not stories yet…but writing again. And it brings her joy, even if the words are just for her. Or one other person. Or the people that read this blog. It brings her joy.

Do you know that there’s a way out,
there’s a way out
there’s a way out
there’s a way out

You don’t have to be held down,
be held down
be held down
be held down

‘Cause I used to be a shell
Yeah, I let him rule my world
my world, oh, yeah

But I woke up and grew strong
And I can still go on
And no one can take my pearl

You don’t have to be a shell, no
You are strong and you’ll learn
that you can still go on

And you’ll always be aβ€”a pearl

She is unstoppable

Lyrics from Katy Perry’s “Pearl.”

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Oct 20

A New Home for the Bent Bookworm!

Books/Writing, Life 0


So I’ve been a little quiet over the last couple of days. Rest assured, I’ve still been reading – but I’ve also been waiting to get all the new hosting and website set up! I’m still learning a lot, buuuut…

Here we are! I’m so excited to have this new, prettier, lighter version of The Bent Bookworm up and ready to go. I’m still figuring out all the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, but Ashley at NoseGraze has helped me out with EVERYTHING and just overall been TOTALLY AWESOME. πŸ˜€ There are so many more options with this hosting and I can’t wait to make use of them all! Especially, as I mentioned before, the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin, that’s going to enable me to include SO much more information with book reviews, as well as organize all the book reviews on the blog into indexes. All this without doing tons and tons of typing and linking over and over and OVER again. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Very, very happy little book blogger here. Please explore a bit and tell me what you think! Also be patient as I figure things out. There may be some hiccups and things may move around a little more. I’m so happy with it though, it feels much more like home than before. πŸ™‚

Reviews from now on will be formatted a bit differently, and I’m going to try to go back to some older ones and add in some info that will add them to the new review index(es).


My Halloween Read-A-Thon is still going…however I’ve had to change one book due to…er…losing it. I’m still so upset that I can’t find my copy of The Architect of Song. I think I might have accidentally donated it to the library. πŸ™ Also, I had to DNF Something Wicked This Way Comes. So that was a bit of a downer.

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