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Reasons I Missed Home

Reasons I Missed Home

Not book-related. Well, mostly not book-related. Just me. On all the reasons why moving home after 2 years abroad is such a huge deal. I’ve had great times in Korea…mostly related to the people I’ve met, not the place. The place has been an experience too, and one I’m very grateful to have had…but I’m […]

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Into the Wild Book Review

Into the Wild Book Review

Disclaimer: I don’t read a lot of non-fiction. When I do it’s usually a total binge on some topic I’m suddenly interested in and desperate to educate myself about. I very rarely read biographies or memoirs and this book seems to be both, somehow. So with that said, I present my very rambling Into the […]

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Something Else Sunday #19

This week marked Sir Tristan’s “Gotcha Day!” He’s been with us for an entire year now…hard to believe. He has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives…and has gradually (mostly) desensitized us to constant meowing. That little toy I made him didn’t even last 6 months…haha. Hard to believe he’s grown so much […]

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Something Else Sunday – #2

Something Else Sunday – #2

Sunday again! This week both went by very slowly and very quickly. Funny how that works. So aside from my reading life (which was horribly slow, I only finished one book)… Starting off with Sir Tristan, naturally. I somehow managed to come down with a beastly cold that stole my voice and knocked me flat […]

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The Philippines – Siquijor Island

We recently came home from visiting what must be one of the world’s best kept secrets. This was our first time traveling to the Philippines (my first time traveling at all for pleasure, all my other trips had been for work) but it definitely won’t be the last! Obviously with so many islands, YMMV, etc. […]

Korean Independence Day

Video as promised…it was an awesome show but really hard to get a spot where you could see anything. Next year we’ll go earlier. There had to be at least a million (not exaggerating) people there. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new […]

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Change of Scenery

No, I promise I didn’t actually disappear again. Just, a lot of things have happened in the last month and a half. I’ll keep it brief and illustrate everything in bullet form. I graduated. I got married!! I can’t even start to say how happy this makes me, so I’ll just let everyone imagine. 😉 […]

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Places to Go

My list of places I can reasonably hope to go is rather short this summer. I’ve got something coming up I need to save some PTO for, and gas prices haven’t come down much anyway. There are a few places in daytrip distance I’d like to go, but I can never seem to remember them […]

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