Writing Up Wednesday

writing up wednesday

Besides the writing I do for my blog, I’ve also started writing fiction again this year. NaNoWriMo 2016 really kicked me into gear and got me excited about writing again. It’s an excitement that I hope will last, and there’s no better way than to keep motivation up than to share it! I know a lot of my blogger friends also have writing goals outside of their blogs. Week to week I want to discuss various different topics related to writing, and I’ll put a link-up at the bottom of each topic post.

I’m going to try to keep this list updated a few weeks in advance. I’m started writing more of my posts and scheduling them, and wanted to make sure that other people could do the same if they’re playing along. Obviously, you can spin these however you want, however it inspires you. The questions beside them are just to start the wheels turning.

Future Writing Up Wednesdays:

March 22: Motivation – what motivates you?
March 29: Word Count – how important is it?
April 5: The Craft of Writing – how do you learn?
April 12: The Muse – fact or fiction?
April 19: Editing – during or after?
April 26: Free-for-All
May 3: Best Laid Plans – what happens when it just doesn’t work?
May 10: Subplots – how do they fit?


These are the past Writing Up Wednesday topics! Might revisit some of these now and then, or maybe if we make it to 52 posts we’ll just go through them all again. We’ll see!

  1. Goals for 2017
  2. Plotter or Pantser
  3. Favorite Character
  4. Your WIP’s Genre
  5. Your POV
  6. Settings
  7. Free-for-All